"Koppla is the first beverage I have ever found that does two things:
tastes great and visibly reduces tension."

Carly Simon, songwriter, vocalist & musician
Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
"Koppla has changed our lives. Henry and I enjoy a Koppla at least once a day, often two or three times. Not only does it taste delicious, it helps us feel relaxed, with a sense of well being... In just living in this crazy world, one of our favorite pleasures is simply sitting down and having a Koppla. We've been sharing it with our friends... It's the very best tea beverage we've ever had!"

Stacey and Henry Winkler, producer, director & actor
Los Angeles, California
"Being a wife, mother, and business woman keeps me running
(12-14 hour days, six days a week, are very common).
Needless to say, stress is what follows.
It is vital that I keep myself healthy as to reduce stress.
I do this through diet, exercise, and Koppla.

Koppla has a pleasant taste and contributes to a steady measure of energy,
while at the same time, helping me to feel calm and focused."

Genevieve Chappell, professional TV Host, Columnist, Reporter
Huntington Beach, California

"All last week I kept getting calls about Koppla from listeners asking: 'what was the name of that stress relieving drink that we were talking about at the broadcast from the health fair in Palm Springs?' It seems you hit a 'home run' with Koppla when it comes to what many folks across the country need to cope with their busy and stressful lives!

I've been enjoying Koppla everyday all this past week. I've replaced my morning coffee with Koppla and I can truly say it has made a difference in my performance 'On Air' each morning, as well as giving me a feeling, or an overall sense of comfort when dealing with the stressful situations that come up around the radio station.
I just want to thank you again for developing a great product that I now believe in."

Danny Fox ~ Program Director
@K-DES 104.7 in Palm Springs, California
"Many of the patients I treat have conditions that are made worse by everyday stresses. One of my patients told me about Koppla, how it really helped her... I tried Koppla. I was pleasantly surprised by how soothing it was; how it got my energy back to feeling centered again, and how quickly I felt all this. I'm going to spread the word about Koppla... you really can feel it!"

Sharon Lieser, physical therapist
Hopland, California
"Being a mother of four girls is sometimes like managing a circus! Drinking a Koppla helps me to relax and get my focus back, so that I can take care of my family's needs in a calm, non-stressed way. The girls and I seem to enjoy our time together more when 'mom' has had a Koppla... Sometimes they'll say to me:'Mom, you NEED a Koppla!'"

Heftziba Chase, 'mom' and childbirth educator
West Orange, New Jersey
"The first time my staff and I tried Koppla we couldn't believe the immediate soothing feeling we all had. Now, when it gets to be around 5 pm, when my work day is at its peak, I'll take a Koppla break. It both calms and energizes me by relieving the stress from my body. I'm always amazed at how quickly Koppla works!"

Janet Loeffler, owner of Bath Island
Ringwood, New Jersey

The New York Times
'Escapes': January 3, 2003
By Suzanne Hamlin
Resolve to relax and let the new year be filled with peace, prosperity and inner strength. Creating a home meditation zone is the first step toward a room with a view into the inner you. Furnish your retreat with a few touchstone props; take a deep breath, and let the journey of discovery begin.

Herbal Drink
The lemony, all natural patented herbal drink Koppla was developed to be both relaxing and energizing. Add water and drink Koppla hot or cold.
A box with seven drink powder single serve packets is $6.99.
New York Daily News
'Get Healthy for 2005': January 18, 2005
By Harriet Lyons
Liquid Energy
Many of us live with high levels of stress. Recent studies have suggested that
chronic stress may contribute to a host of diseases and conditions, such as obesity
and heart disease.
So what can we do to reduce daily stress, short of quitting our jobs?

Have a glass of Koppla, a patented, stress relieving herbal beverage mix.
Citrus flavored Koppla can be made cold or hot, and helps promote a general feeling of relaxation. Koppla is not a stimulant or a sedative, but a unique blend of six plants and herbs, none of which have been shown to be harmful or addictive.

Koppla works by regulating normal blood flow throughout the body, allowing more oxygen to reach the brain during periods of stress. The result? … A feeling of refreshment, as well as revitalized energy and concentration. A warm cup of Koppla in the evening is an excellent way to unwind, which leads to a more restful night’s sleep.
The Whole Story
Whole Foods Market - monthly publication - September 2004
'Confessions of a Shopaholic' by Desiree Moodie
Product of the Month... Koppla
Last month we talked about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. But what about when you need extra help coping during the day? Working with customers can be a draining experience, to say the least. Some days we are just not as equipped to handle it as others. We’ve all had ‘those days’.
Whether we’ve been working extra hard for a few days, not getting enough sleep, or any reason, stress can seem harder to deal with.

The first time I tried Koppla was on a day that I didn’t really think I needed help with stress. The creator of Koppla had visited to give a product training to staff, and had mixed samples for the team members. As I said, I wasn’t feeling particularly stressed that day, but within ten minutes or so I did feel calmer and more relaxed…..Fast forward
I was having one of my ‘days’. I was irritable, and didn’t feel like dealing with anybody or doing anything at all, for that matter.
What made it worse was that I’d just arrived at work.
The day was only beginning for me with no end in sight.

I reached in my apron for one of the packets of Koppla I had gotten at the training.
I mixed it with cold water (you can mix it with either hot or cold water). The taste was very pleasing to me...it was citrus-y…
I downed it, and set to go about the day’s work. I don’t remember how it happened or when, but soon after drinking the Koppla I realized that I was feeling more relaxed, focused, and generally in better spirits.
I felt like I had a handle on things for the first time that day.
Not bad for something that sells for under a dollar!
Now I always keep a packet or two with me, just in case I need help getting through one of ‘those days’.