Koppla's formula origin

Koppla Nutrients was founded in 1989 by Ron Sosenko, as an American-Swedish Research & Development team. The goal was to create an herbal formula that was noticeably effective toward relieving stress conditions.

Our work was based upon the principle that Stress and Energy were intertwined:
The body reacts to stressful stimulus by either constricting or accelerating the flow and distribution of oxygen and blood, the fuel of the body's energy.

Though there is common scientific knowledge as to the therapeutic functions and uses of individual plants and herbs, once you combine two or more known plants or herbs (phytochemicals), what occurs is often an unpredictable interaction that may enhance or diminish the overall therapeutic profile of the combination.

What distinguishes Koppla Nutrients from most other companies that promote stress and energy products, is our scientifically rooted understanding of:

• How individual phytochemicals interact with other phytochemicals
• How those combinations then manifest into therapeutic benefits for the human body

What we 'built' is referred to as an 'adaptogenic formula' — a 'remedy' versus a 'supplement', that essentially helps to restore and regulate the body's sustained, steady, calm & functional energy by:
• Relaxing physical tension — soothing emotional / mental anxiety
• promoting deeper, calmer breathing
• Improving brain function — focus, alertness, memory, problem solving

Doesn’t that describe what we need to help get us through our daily activities and responsibilities?

We conceived of this formula as being delivered in the medium of beverage and food products. The therapeutically effective herbs we chose all possess a pleasant, neutral flavor profile, allowing for the production of outstanding tasting products.

It is this unique combination of 'Function + Flavor' that serves as the base of our work, delivering a range of soothing and restorative benefits for stress and energy that can be FELT.

How the Koppla formulation provides benefits for stress and energy conditions

Under stress, the flow of oxygen and blood either constricts or is excessive.
Constriction is generally associated with physical tension and fatigue.
Excessive flow is often a component of high levels of anxiety and overactive energy.

Depending upon your body's general state at the time of consumption, Koppla's adaptogenic formula will react by:
• Stimulating circulation when energy is low or sluggish
• Calming circulation when energy is excessive
• Releasing tension during periods of constriction

An adaptogen relaxes blood vessels, airways and muscles, helping to restore a balanced, sustained flow of oxygen and blood throughout the body, which helps to regulate a more functional state of physical calm and mental focus.

Suggested use of Koppla brand beverages

To appreciate its soothing and restorative nature, consider drinking a Koppla or CALM-fidence to:
• Relieve physical tension
• Calm mental or emotional anxiety
• Refresh sluggish energy and focus
• Bring excessive energy back to a calmer, more functional level

Try the original Koppla instant beverage warm, hot or room temperature:
• For stress and anxiety conditions, as well as to improve focus.
• As an alternative to that caffeinated cup of coffee in the morning, have a 'Shot of CALM-fidence':
Instead of that energy 'spike and crash' from caffeine, you'll experience
a more centered and sustained state of energy: calm and focused.
• At night, the original Koppla is an effective way to help release the physical and mental tensions of the day, leading into a relaxed state that preps you for a good night's sleep... calming, but not sedating.

Try a CALM-fidence shot or original Koppla instant beverage cold (or room temperature) at a time of day when you need to refresh your energy & focus, and get back on track... mid-afternoon is a popular time for this.

Even when your stress and energy seem fine, having a Koppla or CALM-fidence will help to maintain that balanced state... putting a packet of Koppla into your bottled water is a good way to get a steady feed of its benefits, while maintaining good hydration levels.

The original Koppla is a powdered beverage mix that comes in individual single serve packets.
It has a delicious 'citrus-tea' flavor, and can be prepared & enjoyed
as a hot, warm, room temperature, or cold beverage.

Koppla's Soothing and Restorative benefits are generally felt within 15-20 minutes.

Our new CALM-fidence Shots are quick & easy, for an 'on the go' lifestyle.
In 2 outstanding tasting flavors: Rooibos Pear Tea & Orange Cream

They are 'Extra Strength', and deliver a fast 'no doubt about it' response to getting your stress OFF, and your calm-focused-sustained energy ON.

CALM-fidence's Soothing and Restorative benefits are generally felt in *under 10 minutes.

Koppla and CALM-fidence are caffeine free
• We use a low glycemic natural sweetener (*crystalline fructose/ GI = 22).
• A Koppla or CALM-fidence beverage contains only 30-35 calories each
• They are completely safe to use anytime, and as often as you'd like.
• There are no cautions or restrictions.

* Initial customers of the new CALM-fidence shots have reported feeling benefits for stress relief and energy management in 5- 10 minutes

{*Note: Crystalline Fructose (CF) is absorbed slowly in the body, and has a minimal effect upon one's desired balance of insulin and blood sugar levels. CF is commonly associated in error with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), which Koppla does NOT use.
HFCS is generally 60% glucose, and has a Glycemic Index (GI) of 100-120, which has an adverse effect upon insulin and blood sugar levels, while contributing to obesity.}

The herbs used in building the Koppla adaptogenic formula:
= Addressing the centers of stress and energy balance =

Lemon Balm (Melissa): A tonic for the brain, aiding focus, alertness, understanding, and memory by restoring and regulating sustained oxygen and blood flow. As a relaxant, lemon balm affects all inner organs: calming the liver, nerves and heart; freeing spasms; opening the passages of the lungs, and relieving abdominal pain.
Lemon Balm is effective in soothing anxiety.

Flowering Oats (Avena sativa): A tonic for the nervous system, restoring and relaxing the nerves, relieves pain, generates strength, lifts the spirits, and helps to manage mild depression. Avena sativa increases and restores the blood, promotes growth, and benefits the bones.

Linden (Tilia): As a relaxant, Linden has often been used to help regulate healthy blood pressure. It is an effective headache remedy in that it helps to cleanse the liver which filters toxins in the body, which are a main cause of headaches. Linden helps to free spasms, relaxes the nerves, calms the spirit, while relieving emotional and mental nervous tension.

Hawthorn (Crataegus): We use the berry, leaf, and flower. The therapeutics of Hawthorn is primarily focused in the heart where it strengthens, restores, supports, stabilizes, and stimulates. The net result is a balancing effect upon the heart's functionality. Hawthorn eases breathing, calms the spirit, helps to maintain healthy blood pressure, and can aid in weight loss.

Ginseng (Panax): Restoration is the principle focus of panax ginseng as it enhances the immune system, generates strength, restores the lungs, stomach, spleen, liver, and adrenals, relaxes the nervous system, and benefits the brain.

*Note: Each serving of Koppla uses approximately a 1/50 to 1/100 dose level of mature ginseng root. This small volume acts as a 'helper herb', facilitating a quicker and more efficient absorption of the four primary herbs listed above, while providing a 'warming element' for the body. As regards pregnant women, at this volume level it does not pose any interaction health risks in conjunction to a common caution about the uterine stimulant effect that a FULL dose could have.

There are five (5) GRADES of plants and herbs used worldwide in commercial products. In order of their therapeutic potency they are: (1) Premium  (2) Superior  (3) Select  (4) Standard  (5) Substandard 
More than 99% of all commercially used herbs are from the grades 3, 4, and 5.
They cost a lot less, and there is little therapeutic value in those grades.
They are essentially for flavor and fragrance purposes.

The Koppla formula uses only PREMIUM and SUPERIOR grade herbs, which are cultivated and harvested in a manner that ensures their maximum therapeutic value.

Bioactivity summary of Koppla's adaptogenic herbal constituents:

Found within Koppla's five adaptogenic herbal ingredients are:
35 phytochemicals that exhibit 46 different physiological effects that are historically documented to ease a variety of stress-induced symptoms and help to restore the body's energy flow to a more balanced and sustained level.
• Biological effects reported for Koppla herbs and/or their constituent phytochemicals include:
- Calming of the heart
- Dilation of blood vessels
- Reduction of high blood pressure
- Improved blood and oxygen flow
- Relaxation of airways and muscles
- Reduced inflammation of tissues
- Pain relief

We attribute the adaptogenic ability of Koppla toward
relieving physical symptoms of stress and restoring sustainable energy,
to the unique manner in which the particular herbs used interact with each other.
This creates a compatible 'balancing tonic', that provides strength and nourishment
for those parts of the body that are most adversely affected by stress.

Based on their reported chemistry, bioactivity, pharmacology and medicinal uses, the Koppla herbs contain:
• 16 anti-inflammatory phytochemicals that can reduce tissue swelling
• 14 anti-spasmodic and/or spasmolytic phytochemicals to ease muscle cramps
• 7 analgesic phytochemicals that can relieve pain
• 9 phytochemicals that can promote relaxation
• 10 cardio-tonic phytochemicals with heart calming/nourishing effects
• 7 anti-aggregate phytochemicals that may promote blood flow
• 9 hypotensive and anti-hypertensives that regulate blood pressure
• 9 phytochemicals that can relax and/or dilate blood vessels to enhance blood flow
• 3 phytochemicals that can help to ease breathing, and open airways

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