Take a moment to consider that definition.

When your STRESS or ANXIETY are ON

When your ENERGY and FOCUS are OFF

This is what the patented Koppla ADAPTOGENIC formula does:

* RELAXES physical tension
* CALMS mental or emotional anxiety

a calm – focused - steady state of energy

Simply put, it makes you feel better.

Our formula is delivered in two great tasting beverage formats:

• The Original Koppla ‘citrus-tea’ instant beverage mix that can be enjoyed Hot or Cold
~ 24 single serving packets per box ~

• The New CALM-fidence beverage Shots in Rooibos Pear Tea and Orange Cream flavors

Koppla's soothing and restorative range of benefits are generally felt in 15-20 minutes

Extra strength CALM-fidence is typically felt in under 10 minutes
A feeling that lasts for 4-6 hours = "Calm Adrenalin"

In a world full of stress,
we can all use a 'shot of CALM-fidence'

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